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Choosing a male boudoir photographer (and why you should too).

The other day I was discussing with a client about the overall experience of her shoot and at some point she made the comment: “Of course I would want a male photographer for my boudoir…”. It did take me a couple minutes to realize what she said, so I grasped the chance to understand the “of course” in her statement.

While this ended up being a very interesting discussion, the main points she made were very simple and, in retrospect, so obvious, that I decided to share with you. Please keep in mind that this particular discussion represented the point of view of one heterosexual female and a lot of the reasoning behind is guided by her sexual partner preferences (i.e. her husband).

– “I am comfortable around women, but I don’t know if I could be sexy in front of a woman.”

Many women believe that it would be awkward for them to be and feel sexy in front of another woman, but consider it very natural to do in front of a male. Others are worried that another woman would be more critical of their imperfections that a man would.

– “Well, I am doing it for my husband after all…”

In many cases – not always – a boudoir shoot is done with a certain male audience in mind. So who better that a male photographer to “see” and know what men like to see? Let’s face it, women are the masters of the seduction game (compared to most men) and it’s natural to be able to leverage their abilities more intuitively with a male in the room, rather than fake them in front of a female photographer.

As long as the photographer is a professional with the proper amount of good judgement, humor and discretion, you should choose based only on their work, just as you do for any other type of photography.

Judge a (boudoir) photo book by its cover

Judge a (boudoir) photo book by its cover

The majority of our clients choose to have a photo book created from their photoshoot. In the past few years to market for photo books has exploded, offering countless options for all tastes and budgets. From small purse-fit sized booklets – little black book anyone? – to hand-bound, hardcover masterpieces, you can now choose fromContinue Reading