Your Session

We want you to have fun at your boudoir session. The best way to ensure that, is to let you know what to expect during the session. If after reading this you still have questions, please set up a complimentary consultation and let us know; we’ll be happy to chat and make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your session.

Getting Inspired

If you are one of the lucky few who know what they want exactly, great! We’ll make sure your experience is only surpassed by your photos. 

If, on the other hand you need some inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest boards. Better still, once you get there, look around and make your own board to share with us. By using the boards we can quickly focus on the style and concept you like. Getting some visual inspiration will also make your session more fun!

Dos and Don’ts for a successful boudoir photography session

Getting ready for your boudoir photography session is a great opportunity to have more fun!

The week before your session

Sure you will get the hair and makeup treatment at the boudoir photography session. But this is also the perfect time to get that special lingerie or accessory you’ve always wanted. Grab a friend and hit the mall!
Make sure you drink a lot of water; helps your skin and your body feel and look great. Avoid eating a lot of salt.
Do not over- or under-eat. Eat normally. Too little food affects your concentration and energy both of which are necessary for a successful boudoir photography session.
Don’t have face treatments right before or close to the shoot day. Allow for at least a week between treatment and shoot.
Have your wardrobe and accessories picked out, cleaned and ready to go.
If you are doing your own makeup, try out various looks before. You will know exactly what looks best and will save you time on the day of the shoot.
Make sure that you do all necessary grooming giving your skin enough days to recover. Keep your skin well moisturized until the day of the shoot.

The day before the shoot:

Get plenty of rest the night before your shoot. No partying before a boudoir photography session.

The day of your session


Avoid drinking coffee or sodas; both cause dehydration.
Bring a lot of wardrobe items; there are no limits except making sure you love what you bring.
If a makeup artist will be present at the boudoir photography session, come with faces clean.
Do not wear sunglasses right before the boudoir photography session if possible. The same applies for other kind of glasses if you are planning to shoot without them.
Wear loose clothing before the shoot, to allow for good circulation and avoid marks.
Bring your favorite music. We have our own large selection but you are welcome to bring your own or let us know what you like and we’ll try to provide it.